The International Alliance on Climate and Agriculture (IACA) is an alliance of civil society leaders and activists representing agriculture, the environment, indigenous peoples, farmers, and other movements around the globe to promote and advance ecological farming as central to addressing the climate crisis.

The IACA’s primary goals are to:

1) Advocate that food systems based on ecological and social justice principles be an integral part of international, national, and regional efforts to addressing the climate crisis.

2) Build a civil society alliance that focuses on building agroecological food systems as a major mitigation and adaptation path in times of climate change.

3) Provide media outreach and education on the present harms of industrial agriculture, false solutions, and the necessity of converting to ecological food systems.

4) Organize international opposition to the continuation of industrial agriculture practices, with an emphasis on counteracting the Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM) initiative sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture, the United Arab Emirates, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Syngenta, Bayer, and others.

The IACA is providing vision, strategy, and actions to transition away from the industrial agriculture model that greatly contributes to climate change and build toward a more sustainable, equitable, and just food system for all creatures on our planet.