Climate Envoy John Kerry’s Disturbing Sci-Fi Approach to the Climate Crisis

By Andrew Kimbrell and Lisa Rayburn, IACA

When it comes to sustainable farming and the climate crisis, the former Secretary of State seems to be more interested in science fiction than science fact.


International Alliance Blasts Presidential Envoy John Kerry and Climate Group for “Costly Distractions”

Instead of funding proven solutions to reduce the food sector’s huge climate footprint, the USDA-led AIM for Climate Summit yesterday backed costly and unnecessary technologies, according to the International Alliance for Climate and Agriculture (IACA).


IACA at COP 27 – “Mitigation and Adaptation through Ecological Agriculture”

Watch IACA speak live at COP 27 for our event “Mitigation and Adaptation through Ecological Agriculture.” Panelists advocated ecological, resilient food systems as a viable path to better ensure food security in times of climate catastrophes while also reducing harmful agricultural impacts on climate change. Currently, industrial agriculture systems are a major contributor to increasing GHGs. Speakers address how we can transition away from industrial agriculture systems to ecological food systems.


International Alliance Says U.S.-led AIM for Climate Project Promotes “False Solutions” and “Distractions”

An international alliance of climate and food sustainability leaders today warned against “false solutions” being promoted at the COP27 climate conference by AIM for Climate—“a multi-billion dollar initiative by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to promote agritech (biotechnology, nanotechnology, robotics, AI) as a primary solution to the climate crisis.”


Presenting Three Events at COP27 Featuring the Critical Links Between Agriculture and Climate Change

The International Alliance on Climate and Agriculture (IACA), a newly formed alliance of prominent civil society leaders promoting ecological food systems, is hosting three side events at the COP27 climate negotiations in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, November 6-18.


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